jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Final Project- Junk Food

Plans after I graduate

I am going to study other languages.

I will travel arround the world 

I will have my own business 

I will make my degree

I going to find a job 

I am going to get married 

I am going to have Children

University Campus

It is located in Venezuela, Maracaibo Zulia state.. Av is in the Circunvalacion #2, Av Guajira.
The university has many areas, laboratories, library, computer lab, medical service, among others, has seven blocks, "A,B,C,D,E,F,G" has a place and three courses for different activities.. The university is very broad and easy access to all facilities.

Student Life


When I apply to URBE I didnt know if I should study here or study on LUZ, because if I wanted to study at LUZ I have to wait for 9 months but when I got accepted at URBE i was very happy my first semester was September-December of 2010. Everyday I go to university and study really hard trying to get good grades   go to the library to read a little more and stay informed, I love the career that I'm studying, I have an excellent communication with the teachers, My student life is nice, not easy to work and study but I am doing my best. 


I live in Cabimas, Traffic is not like Maracaibo. It's more fluent, sometimes there is traffic, but, is not very often. I live into the down town of the city so is really safe and there are Shops , Super markets , Grocery shops, where you can buy food, clothes, shoes, candies...

Where I live there 4 schools, 3 are private and 1 is a public school. My neighbors are really nice I know them since I was a child. People who lives there tend to be really caring, kind and very helpful.

Like I said I live in Cabimas' Downtown, so, public transportation is really good. Because I can go everywhere without going to take the car too far. Everything is really close.
There is a park near to my house where Families can go with their children and have fun. 


I wake up at 4:00 am everyday 
I go to URBE twice a day, because I work as a transportation

I go to te gym in the afternoons
 I drive a Van, so I´m a transportation

 I go to the dentist once a month because I have braces.

I go to the bank once or twice a week